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I came to the office looking to alleviate discomfort, get in alignment, and increase flexibility. I’m halfway through my care plan and I have seen improvements with sleeping, walking, my flexibility and mobility, sitting, and also my work life. I have been able to do a lot more of my everyday activities with less pain and more mobility. I enjoy the friendliness and efficiency of the office!
- C.B.

1 month old baby girl came in because she is really fussy and has bad sleeping habits. With just a few quick adjustments the mom started seeing improvement in her sleeping patterns. She now sleeps well at night and also is a much happier baby!
- T.M.

5 year old little girl came in looking for help because she always used to get sick. After a couple month of getting adjusted to boost her immune system, her mom said that she has been able to avoid all the germs that come with the colder weather!
- A.M.

A young mom pregnant with twins started care at the office in her second trimmest. She wants to be able to enjoy her pregnancy, and extend her pregnancy without pain. In just a short about of adjustments she has noticed decreased pain so she can walk more, more mobility, less pain management, and is able to enjoy family life more. She is much happier because she is not in pain! She mentioned that people have asked her how she is so mobile and flexible being this far along with twins, and says it is because of getting adjusted through her pregnancy.
- A.B.

5 month old baby boy came in the office searching for help with constipation, immunity, and wellness. After just a short time, the mom has noticed a great change and improvement in all goals. She also mentioned she has seen improvements in sleeping, flexibility and mobility, sitting. He also hasn’t been sick yet, no ear aches, and his constipation has decreased. His sleeping has improved which means mommy’s energy level has increased and stress has decreased!
- S.A.

29 year old male came in because he was having constant back and neck pain. He went through his care plan and is just on wellness adjustments now because his pain has decreased and he has better flexibility and more energy. He also mentioned that he is sleeping better and can sit without pain which is a big improvement because he sits all day for his job. He loves that our office is quick and personal.
- A.K.

A 27 year old teacher and swimmer came in the office for lower back and hip pain. After about a month of adjustments she is sleeping better, her pain has significantly decreased, she is able to sit without discomfort and her energy levels are better. She also mentioned that her sinuses are more open. She really appreciates that knowledge and friendliness of our office.
- M.B.

A 3 month old little girl started coming to our office because she was having some stomach issues including colic, causing stress to the whole family. In just a short amount of time they were able tell a difference in her sleeping and their general family life. They also have been able to tell the baby has more mobility and in a better emotional state. The best things they like about our office are that we are always on time and have a friendly staff.
- S.C.


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