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This baby girl was only 3 days old when she got her first adjustment. Her parents are looking for wellness adjustments but also they noticed some mild reflux. They have been able to see changes in her sleeping schedule and she has better head control. They love how our office is attentive, caring, and knowledgeable.
- N.B.

A 37 year old mom came in with neck, mid back, and shoulder pain. She wasn’t even through her whole care plan when she started to see a lot of change. She has been able to see a change in her emotional stress, flexibility and mobility, and pain management. She also said that she has more mobility without pain. This mom also gets regular massages and she said that her therapist noticed move movements and decrease in knots. She loves how our office is friends and takes their time with her and she never feels rushed.
- J.H.

Mom of 4 started coming in because she was having back issues from pregnancy and also from running. Her health goals are to improve her overall health, postpartum weight loss, and have a better back. She has not a decrease in her pain and she also said that she feels stronger. She also has had less stress. Overall all she is feeling great!
- S.R.

A gentleman came in our office because he was having neck and lower back discomfort. In just over a month he started noticing better sleeping habits, his energy levels increased, and his work life has improved. He also said that he now has better posture and his lower back pain seems to be more prevalent lately.
- I.H.

1 month old baby girl came into the office because she was dealing with colic. After a few visits the mom was able to see improvement with her colic and also improvement with emotional stress. The mom said she has had told family and friends about chiropractic care because she didn’t know about infant chiropractic care before.
- E.W.

11 year-old girl came in with back pain during gymnastics. They have seen much improvement and also can tell a difference that her lower back doesn’t hurt when she does her back walkovers. She also has seen improvements in her sleeping; she has been sleeping better, being able to get over illnesses quickly and being less anxious and happier.
- A.H.

54 year old male came in because he has vertigo and headaches. His health goals are to feel normal again, no headaches, and to be able to sleep better. He has noticed changes in his sleeping, flexibility and mobility, energy levels, and better work life, all of these have been positive side effects of getting adjusted. His vertigo is less severe, less cloudiness in the head and upper back has less pain. He also mentioned that his thinking is clearer.
- J.W.

5- week old little boy was brought to the office because of his reflux and colic. In just a few adjustments they could see a great improvement. They have noticed that his sleeping routine is better and also his reflux is gone.
- H.V.


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