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24-year old female came to our office wanting to be able to feel her age and to have more energy so she can do something active. She has seen improvement in both of those of those areas. Her pain management and energy levels have increased. She also mentioned she is not getting as much neck and back pain and her headaches are limited as well.
- M.H.

40-year old male came in today looking for relief with neck pain, headaches, and hip pain. Half way through his treatment plan he has seen improvements in all areas. He has more movement in his neck, and he said he is not getting headaches as often which were caused by occipital pain (tension). The things he likes about our office is the friendless, goal driven, cares and considerate of the health condition of the patients. “I am ready for spring and warm weather. They are all tied together!”
- J.N.

27-year old female started coming in to the office after having a baby to help decrease back pain, decrease hand numbness, and try and help to be able to get to work out. All 3 of those health goals have been reached! She has been able to see improvements in her work life, decrease in pain while sitting, and less numbness in her hands. The best thing she likes about our office is the friendless and always feeling welcome!
- C.H.

1 year old little girl started coming in for chiropractic care because of her constant ear infections. The mom has noticed less ear infections then she had from Nov-Jan prior to getting adjusted. Little girl and her mommy enjoy coming to our office because of the friendly environment and the knowledge of the doctor.
- K.S.

26-year old coming is coming in for chiropractic care during pregnancy. Her goals for coming in the office are to have a healthy pregnancy and be able to go on walks without discomfort. Even though she is not pain free, she has been able to tell a difference in the level of discomfort, it has lessened.
- A.L.

5- year old little boy started coming to see us with problems of accidental bowel movements, bed wetting, and general misalignments. The parents have seen improvements in all areas. They have noticed a decrease amount of urination accidents at night time, and also less bowel movement accidents. They enjoy coming and seeing our friendly staff and learning new knowledge at their visits.
- N.Y.

28- year old female started coming into the office with sharp pain in between her shoulder blades. Coming to the end of her treatment plan she has noticed less pain between her shoulder blades and the sharp pain she was ha
- T.J.

25- year old female came in post pregnancy for lower back, shoulder, and neck pain after delivery. After mid-way of her treatment plan, she has noticed much less discomfort in her lower back. She is having no tension in between her shoulders anymore, which is great because she is a nursing mommy! She is going to continue Chiropractic after her care plan because she feels like it is a necessity in staying well, being a working mom of two.
- M.B.

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